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Zphone HTC Wizard dialpad skins

Guest swampcat

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Guest swampcat

Zphone Vista skin pack

22 skins for HTC Wizard series

Carbon Black

Carbon BlackExtra

Carbon white

Cyclic (wallpaper by percurser)

Funky Leopard Blue

Funky Leopard Green

Funky Leopard Red

Funky Leopard Yellow

Leaf (one of Chefz’s wallpaper selections)

Reptile Black

Reptile BlackExtra

Reptile Blue

Reptile Red

Springwood (wallpaper by Digital Blasphemy)


Vibrant Sunflower (one of Chefz’s wallpaper selections)

Vista (with black smartdial)

Vista (popular vista backdrop)

VladStudio BlueMatt black buttons (wallpaper by Vladstudios)

VladStudio BlueMatt blue buttons (wallpaper by Vladstudios)

VladStudio BlueMatt white buttons (wallpaper by Vladstudios)

Zircon (wallpaper unknown)



Dowload HERE | Mirror (Rapidshare)


For screenshots - see Hermes screenshots as i now do not have a wizard.

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