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Vario + GPS HELP PLEASE.......

Guest rossy

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I have a SPV M3100 and recently purchased a Holux GPSlim 236 to use with TomTom Navigator. I had no trouble at all setting this up, and so on my advice, my mate ordered the same GPS to go with his MDA Vario. However, he is having trouble in setting this up, and so any help would be very useful. The problem is to do with creating the external COM port needed to use with the Satnav software. The GPS pairs fine, but when choosing to create an external port, only ports 6 & 7 can be chosen, and neither of these are available if actually selected. I presume ther must be a way to either make these available, or get some of the other ports listed. I imagine that my mate is not the only person to have had this problem, and someone somewhere must know of a solution. All help is greatly appreciated - he is desperate to get this working!

Many thanks.

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