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Memory probs c500

Guest Rigger

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:rolleyes: Hi Guys, can anyone explain the internal memory structure on the c500?

I can't run my video recorder 'cause the phone tells me I'm low on memory.

I have 924kb of Storage memory left,( I think that's the problem) 21mb of Flash memory left and 302mb of SD card left. and can't find what is hogging it all.

My free memory has fallen from 7 or 8 mb to 3mb sometime in the last few months.

I only have 1 mp3 as a ringtone in the app. data/sounds folder and it is 1.9mb.

My own progs are stored on the SD card, so what can be hogging the memory?

My evtlog file is not very big, and I don't use the internet. I've also emptied my Drafts folder and sent folder etc.

I've got TomTom too but that's on the SD card.

I always go into task manager and stop everything running on a regular basis too.

cheers in advance,


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