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reset or restarting error

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Im having a lot of problems with my T-mobile MDA. The device could boot up fine. I've also managed to upgrade the rom to the latest version 2.26. However, everytime I try to do a reset, or restart the phone by holding the power and pressing 'yes' after the loss of power warning. The device would not boot up again, I would have to take the battery out for 5~10 minutes before the device would run again. During this period, where I cannot boot up, reseting both hard and soft does nothing, the charger would not charge either.

Once it reboots its fine. But it keeps on crashing, sometimes an application would get stuck and trying to end the process from 'memory' does not work. Sometimes when i attempt to run some programs it would say that the *.exe is not a valid program. After this, my only solution was to restart/reset. But I always have to take the battery out for 5~10 minutes which doestn make any sense to me. Is there a built-in restart sequence such as the one that runs when u uninstall a program? I also always stop all applications after I finish using them from 'memory'.

I'm not sure what would happen now, but before I upgraded, if i attempt to do a hard reset, it would say fail to FAT format or something in that line.. even the bootloader would crash during upgrade sometimes.

Is my device defective? or is it just software issues?



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