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acbPowerMeter and the Wizard

Guest jcostantino

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Guest jcostantino

I'm trying to figure out if acbPowerMeter is accurately measuring power consumption and if I found a bug in the firmware or the software itself (software is more likely of course)

At boot with the radios off, my phone goes from about 145ma to 75ma consumption. As soon as I turn on the GSM radio it surges up to 350ma and settles back down at 145. If I change the CPU speed, play with the backlight settings, etc, nothing shows up on the graph which is VERY odd. When I turn on Bluetooth, nothing happens either. If I send a file (I sent a 1mb .wav) it jumps to 219ma and sticks there even if I turn off BT.

Turning off the GSM radio drops consumption back down to 198ma and back up to a 439ma surge settling at 149! Turning on the wifi makes it go from 149 to 448 and turning wifi off (but gsm still on) leaves the consumption pegged at 448ma. The phone remains eating 448ma as if wifi were still activated until the GSM radio is back on and drops down to 192. The only way to get it back to 145 (GSM radio on, BT radio not attached, wifi off) is to reboot and then turn on flight mode and back off again to get to 152ma.

Does this seem right at all? I haven't hooked a meter up to measure actual amp draw but from what the software says, the radios are still drawing power after they've been shut off. Of course the fact that CPU speed and backlight brightness aren't showing up as increase/decreases in power means something is fishy as well.

I found the software here and the author says he uses it on a WM5 Dell X51v and a Wizard (though I have no idea if the Wizard was 2003 or 2005).

Anyone have any input on this?

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