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HTC - giving the people what they want...

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)

This made me chuckle... after years and years of Microsoft REFUSING to change how the close button works in Pocket PC, or even provide the OPTION of letting it actually close apps, HTC have taken it upon themselves to include a close button application in device builds.

Below you'll see the new 'HTC Task Manager' application, that will be featuring in all HTC Pocket PCs shipping with AKU 3.2 onwards.

Hats off to you HTC :rolleyes:


Via PDAclub.pl

post-1-1162305339_thumb.jpg post-1-1162305351_thumb.jpg

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Guest Ingvarr

Heh, I wouldnt be surprised if Microsoft will hammer down on HTC for their "implementation partner" not sharing their architectural ideas :rolleyes:

Funny that I've recently read couple discussions about that issue (need for true close) on Microsoft Dev Blogs, and was dazzled by nearsightness of arguments - they've kept insisting "you dont need to know what is running in background if you dont notice slowdowns/memory outages", totally forgetting the fact that these "invisible" applications like to eat battery (invisibly), and also, not all applications designed well enough to be inobtrusive in "minimize" mode. It almost like their "mobile" programmers, are not mobile programmers at all, but in fact just plain PC programmers, totally ignorant on even basic quirks of embedded development.

Just yesterday I've accidently left Resco Explorer in background, and battery was 15% down overnight. Pretty much speaks for itself considering the fact that its down only 2% when nothing is "minimized".

Their "smart" minimize is not smart at all, it omits too many important factors. And yet, they try to keep insisting that the enduser do not need the true close even as option.

I wouldnt be surprised if thats just some top-layer manager there who is a big fan of "smart minimizing", its his/her baby, so he/she wouldnt let anybody do anything with it, regardless of facts presented. Would be the common situation in software development...

Now Microsoft would fight for it just for the sake of "winning" - after defending smart-minimize for so long time, they will feel like "losing a face" if they will finally admit that they were wrong. You have to be strong to admit you was very incorrect before.

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Guest TriAxis

I may be wrong but I'm assumming that if you change the option to "Ends programs by tapping and holding X" that it would allow you to have both features. If you just tap the X it will minimize the app and continue running in the background, like the way they currently do. Then if you tap and hold the X it will completely close it. I hope this is the way it works. If so it will make everyone happy.

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Guest pd.ryder
I still agree and backup the reason Microsoft gave. Keep thinking about it :rolleyes:

A, Why, and

B, Why be so cryptic?

If you know something we don't, or can read between Microsaft's lines, spill the beans :(

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Guest diesage
Is this program available for download?

Would match my green TyTN like Prophet :)

I own an unbranded HTC TyTN, and I would love to know if HTC will be releasing this as a ROM update or something. Hopefully none of that carrier crap.

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Guest yarod_g14

My colleague has just purchased a Tytn on T-mobile UK - Vario 2.

His has this x button built in as part of the build.

He will not be getting vbar - wisebar or whatever other variant now.

This does the job as it should.

Microsoft take away functionality and then u have to buy a 3rd party program to close your apps without a huge run through the menu's to find the memory optiion.

I have registered and payed for apps like this in the past - seems like they still want me to..

Well done HTC - you allow us to close apps which we started on our own devices.

If an alien came to earth. It would be like "hey you have nice gadgets - why can you not close the apps and save battery easy....."

They they would blow us up for non efficient energy usage.


I too was posting hate mail/constructive critisism on the dev blogs about this. Even one of the MICASOF boys who wrote the blog agreed that this was necesary.

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