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sending files over bluetooth

Guest snax

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I've been using a K750 and you can send files from one phone to another, but i can't seem to find anyway of doing this on my C500, is it possible?

1. Turn Bluetooth on (sure you've managed that)

2. Go to the file manager program

3. Navigate to the file you want then select "menu"

4. Then "send" and then "beam"

5. The phone will try to send via IR first and then it will look for bluetooth devices in range.

6. Press "send" and you're on your way :rolleyes:

This will probably be your next problem so for receiving files;

Start-->Settings-->Connections-->Beam and then make sure "Receive incoming beams" is ticked.

This is on windows mobile 5.0 but i think it's pretty similar on the C500. Good luck

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