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"No Service" after reassembling MPx220

Guest jacobvance

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Guest jacobvance

I recently bought a new black housing for my MPx220 on eBay. I took the phone apart today to put the new housing on and everything went great except that now I get a "No Service" message when I turn my phone on.

I don't know what's causing this. I made sure to transfer the antenna sticker over to the new housing, and everything looks like it's connecting just fine. The antenna was a little wrinkled when I moved it over, but it flattened out and stuck to the new housing without much trouble. It doesn't seem to be torn anywhere. I've also tried another SIM card just to be sure it wasn't that. For the record, I followed the instructions here: http://www.cnn.cn/mpx220/mpx220instruction.htm

I've taken it back apart and reseated everything half a dozen times. Does anybody have any advice on what I could try next? =[

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