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What are the differences between different SSL providers?

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Guest zorpian

Secure Socket Layer protocol; in short SSL protocol was designed by Netscape with the aim of making Internet transactions very secure. . This technology is used widely in the Internet transactions. Now, SSL certificate is an industry standard all over the world, which is helping both businesses and their customers to make secure transactions on the Internet. One should say that these certificates have certainly increased the number of online transactions in a very big way.

The Verisign Company, that processes not less than fifteen billion Internet interactions everyday the one of the major players in this area. It also supports more than ninety million phone calls each day. Other major players in the domain of SSL certificates are Rapidssl, Geotrust, Instantssl, and XRamp. GeoTrust, another SSL provider is the world's second largest digital certificate provider. It is giving good competition to the Verisign in this domain.

Verisign has more than 500,000 Web sites and 3,000 enterprises as its clients. They are depending quite heavily on Verisign to make their everyday online transactions operate reliably, securely, and efficiently. RapidSSL, another leading SSL provider is giving a stiff competition to Verisign in the Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). RapidSSL is offering strong 128 / 256 bit encryption to its clients. However, Verisign is also in the process of designing newer products for the SMBs. www.ssl.com, offers are the products of the Verisign and RapidSSL.

When it comes to 256 bit digital certificates, XRamp is offering a stiff competition to Verisign. More than 99.7% web browser’s supports XRamp worldwide. It is the first Certificate Authority (CA) to offer 256-bit SSL certificates. However, Verisign operate largest independent SS7 network in the world. This gives a strong competitive advantage to the Verisign. Leo Grove, President of www.ssl.com strongly believes that Verisign is going go grab more than 70% of the market share in the coming 3-4 years in this domain. For more information on this aspect you can definitely visit www.ssl.com. Feel free to browse through the site and it’s blogs to learn all the new advancements in the SSL protocol and Certificate.

Verisign which is investing in its Research and Development section quite strongly in the recent past, is definitely going to be the market leader for a long time from now, according to industry experts like Jade Chaney, Vice President of www.ssl.com and many others. However, it should be quite careful of the potential competition from other leading players in the industry.

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