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Ringer Switch glitch on Treo 750v

Guest MitchellO

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I received my 750v today and its great!!!

Only issue I seem to be having is with the ringer switch. A lot of the time when I switch it back to normal, the sound does not come back on. I have to soft reset before I can get any sound out of the speakers. Flicking the switch back and forth has no effect. Only way to fix is the reset.

Anyone else had this issue?

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I also have this problem, can anyone suggest a fix plz ??

Count me in, I've got that problem too.

In fact, it seems like I'm sharing pretty much everyone's problems with the Treo. I don't know whether other WM devices are as dodgy, though suspect they might be.

If the Treo didn't offer close to exactly the functionality that I currently think I want, I wouldn't put up with its shortcomings.

Does anyone do any testing on these machines because they're foisted upon the unsuspecting public?

Sorry for the rant. :)

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