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Sony Ericsson W950

Guest stevo_knuckles

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Guest stevo_knuckles


Sony Ericsson announces new addition to its family of Walkman phones?

[Monday, February 13, 2006 12:30:00 pm]?

Sony Ericsson announces major addition to its family of Walkman phones. The W950

is an ultra-slim, ultra-stylish, UMTS-enabled device with 4GB of onboard storage

complete with touch screen for simple navigation through music genres, playlists,

individual songs or music albums.

More than music phone, broadband-fast email and Web browsing plus a suite of

high performance entertainment applications add to its capabilities, making it

one of the most highly specified phones in the Sony Ericsson portfolio.

“Bringing the Walkman brand to Sony Ericsson phones was one of our outstanding

achievements in 2005 and there were more than 3 million Walkman phones sold

worldwide,” said Husni El-Assi, General Manager of Sony Ericsson, Middle East

and Africa, “W950 is our fifth Walkman phone to be introduced since that

announcement and listening to music on mobile phones is now an established and

growing consumer behaviour. This announcement also demonstrates the flexibility

of the Symbian v9.1 and UIQ 3.0 platform to create a consumer focused offering

as well as business.”

The W950’s design will turn the heads of the most avid style aficionados. Its

thin, sleek and compact form is finished in Mystic Purple, fingerprint-proof

matt with orange accents. The purity of its design is strengthened by the keypad

being flush with the surface, and orange backlighting that brings the music keys

to life in a stunning, practical way.

The music player within the W950 has the functionality and sound quality of an

equivalent standalone device. Its 4GB storage can take up to 4,000 songs and the

sound quality, delivered on high quality headphones, makes listening to music a

real pleasure. A new graphic-rich interface on the Walkmanplayer makes it easy

to navigate around the music library by song, artist or playlist and now it’s

possible to search visually by browsing through album covers using the stylus

and touch screen. The W950 has all the benefits of a combined phone and music

player, enabling multitasking between listening to music, SMS texting, emailing

and browsing the Internet.

Getting music into the W950 is fast and simple and can be done in a number of

ways. The supplied Disc2Phone music management software is an intuitive package

that handles transfer to the phone of music stored in the user’s PC. UMTS

capability also makes the W950 ready for fast direct-to-phone transfers from

available operators’ download services.

Beyond music, the W950 is a complete mobile entertainment centre that delivers

great speed and exceptional quality sound and vision. Users can now enjoy the

complete spectrum of mobile multimedia applications, from web browsing, push

email and video streaming to 3D gaming and store-and-share of media files.

Besides music, 4GB is enough storage for a wealth of photos, video’s or email

attachments in the phone.

Stereo sound through wireless headphones is now possible as the W950 support

Bluetooth streaming in stereo. The Bluetooth Stereo Headset HBH-DS970 also

announced today and available as an accessory delivers high quality stereo sound

through stylish, comfortable headphones.

W950 is the 3rd Sony Ericsson phone based on the new Symbian v9.1 and UIQ 3.0

platform, benefiting from a growing multitude of third party applications. All

of these applications are available to download from the Sony Ericsson

Application Shop, an online catalogue that is stocked directly by third party


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Guest josephccy
' date='Feb 14 2006, 13:59' post='683']Looks like a nice device... where's the joystick, or is it a thumbwheel?


it using jog dial, so no need joystick.... :)

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Guest bennish

a shame there's no qwerty - it's so wide... guess it's a mod of a 600i?

love the internal 4gb, that means you don't have use memory sticks (useless unless you also have a vaio, walkman, and cybershot). (sorry i'm an sd fan).

How do you navigate on this? It looks lovely but i don't know any symbian. is there any 1-hand, or do you need to use the touch all the time? (e.g. instead of a d-pad?)

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