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TomTom6 and vario1, is there.........

Guest mocki

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OK, i run tomtom on my vario1, but tomtom completely takes over the screen, is there a tweek or file that keeps the start button at the top even when tomtom is running?

its bugging me!

I programmed the start button to the mail key so i can get to it when tt is running, but i would rather have the top of the screen back!

as always, thanks in advance

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Guest awarner (MVP)

Basically no, that's the way TomTom is designed, most applications and games work the same way.

TomTom is designed to be used when you are driving, so when you are driving you should not be distracted enough to use the start button anyway :)

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Guest jcostantino

You could use a different satnav program. Mapopolis leaves the start bar on the screen. Uh.. iGuidance does as well (but version 3.x is North America only).

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