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TMO USA 2.26 ROM on UK, Any problems

Guest m2te

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Hi all,

I have scoured the forums for info on running the USA 2.26 rom on a UK T-Mobile Vario, and found no problems reported.

So I downloaded and flashed the rom, no problems there. The rom seemed much better and more responsive until I tried to make a call.

The first call connected fine and but any subsequant calls would never connect. The call would drop and the phone would report no signal for a few moments. Incoming calls would also not get through - going straight to voicemail. Rebooting the phone would allow one call then again, no more there on in.

One curious thing the operator changed from 'T-Mobile' to 'T-Mobile UK' (From memory but might be wrong).

After flashing back to the official uk rom the phone exhibited the same problems but after a for a few hours it returned to normal service.

Question is,

1. Could this have been a network problem which by pure coincidence happened at the same time as me updating the rom.


2. Some incompatibility between the US rom and the UK network which caused some "confusion" within the t mobile network for a bit.

Has anyone else in the UK had good or bad experiences with the USA rom?



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Guest Evilkern

I'm running the T mobile USA rom in the uk and have the same problem sometimes, it seems that the fone rings on the other end as i've rang people and they said did u just ring a min ago? But as to a solution or remedy i'm none the wiser, i've decided to stick with this version though as the boot time is immense, as well as there being plenty of free space etc. Hopefully TMOB UK will release their version of it soon with maybe the problem sorted?

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Thanks Evilkern,

I decided to give the US rom another go. This time the phone seems to work fine so I can only assume it was a network issue.

Still the phone does not seem as reliable as the old uk rom (AKU 2.0 - version 2.21), it's locked up on me a couple of times but as you say, the boot time is excellent and the later version has a few nicer features such the battery icon being moved out of the task bar etc so I will stick with it.

I think maybe the reliability is an AKU 2.2 / 2.3 thing rather than a TMobile thing as I am evaluating a HTc tytn, HP 6910 and a Palm750 all on AKU2.3 I believe and they have all locked up more than the old aku2.0


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