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Contact Retreivel - Audiovox smt5600

Guest benodictine

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Guest benodictine

If my audiovox smt5600 is connected to my pc via usb. How/where do i find my contacts? NOTE: There is no sim card. More details below.

I'm trying to retrieve the contacts off of my Audiovox smt5600. The screen is badly damaged and I can only see about 1/3 of the screen in the lower right side. So I can see and click on my contacts, and when the screen pops up i can see that there all there but i can't see enough to copy them down manually. They are not on the sim card. I connected my phone into my pc via usb but i cant find them anywhere. Does anyone know what folder there in, are they all lumped into one file, if so whats it called, etc....

Or maybe the better question is, where are phone#s/contacts stored on windows mobile 3. What folder/directory and under what file name.

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