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New to homescreen - Debugging help

Guest dusticus

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Guest dusticus

Well here is my first attempt. Much of this I'm learning as I go along.

This screen utlizes the following plugins



MadBeetle Clock


I spend forever, and finally got the desired look I want. The only change to the look will be to add custom icons for the launcher bar items. Just going to make black outline icons which are transparent, skin will look much more complete after that.

However, I'm having some problems I just can't sort out

For some reason when I rename my file, Facade won't recognize it. I would like it to be "walkinggreen.home.xml", but whenever I change the name I can't select the homescreen.

The SMS Message Count(invludinv Vmail and Email) and the Missed calls plugins are backwards. Meaning upon a screen reload, selection goes first to missed calls instead of SMS. All of my attempts to fix this result in the Missed calls text disappearing, despite changing positioning values. Really my problem is that if you want to move selection from SMS to Missed calls, you have to press in the wrong direction (press left to move selection right)

My other problems occurs with the clock plugin.

Set the clock the old-fashioned way, and it works fine. If you use the plugin itself to turn the alarm on -> move selection off of the plugin, then back on, and it automatically turns the alarm off. This only happens if you do the steps exactly as I described. Due to Orange you cant set the time directly from the HS, but I just want On/Off functionality.

The other problem occurs when you scroll from HILAlarm to Profile plugin. If you then scroll from the Profile up, Profile text moves, and HILAlarm plugin disappears completely, until you move the cursor in the oppsite direction (Back to Profile, then left to HILAlarm, then up). Also, when Profile plugin has selection, the HILAlarm plugin disappears entirely. This is the only plugin that seems to be happening.

On a side note, I've been hunting for a plugin that displays Artist-Title of currently playing mp3 (in any program)

Ive seen a few like WM Control, Today and MortPlayers, but none seem to display info from the programs themself, it seems like they just control the program functions.

If there is such a plugin I would display the Artist-Title text somewhere in the sky area, since I'm turning this phone into a 2gb mp3 player with bluetooth earpiece.

Thanks for any help or advice!





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