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WM5 Bluetooth ActiveSync

Guest jingo_man

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Guest jingo_man

I have falshed Ronwens ROM image to update to WM5 on a C500 device

I had used the standard Windows WIDCOMM bluetooth tools, from the notification area, to create a bonding between the devices. then created an activesync profile and was able to do this over bluetooth.

i then plugged in a 2nd device, my htc wizard used as a pda, and created another activesync profile by usb. this worked fine also.

when attempting to connect via bluetooth to the spv this morning, it was asking to rename the device. i didnt want to do this, as it happened before and i had to rename every time i sync'ed. so deleted it, and attempted to sync again. but it wont!!!

i have tried every way i can think of to create this, using any and all combo's from creating partnership in the bluetooth software, creating it in the smartphones activesync software... all it says is:

"cannot connect using bluetooth to a pc that supports activesync. you may be out of range. would you like to create a bluetooth partnership with a different pc?"

i have a "Local services" port, in the bluetooth config in windows set to com5. activesync is set to watch this port. there is a partnership between the 2 devices. what else is there!!!?!?!? it really was that simple when i first created it.

hoping someone can help...


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