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Downgrade wm5 to 03 questions?

Guest xmarkom2

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Guest xmarkom2

First, Is this possible at all ????

! My qtek is too slow and video recording is [email protected]$# (about 3-4 fps)

I have bought this phone, recently, with wm5 installed on it. But on the add-in-CD is wm 2003 SE with sticker.

Rom update version is 5.1.1700.14343

Sec0nd, do i get some speed improvements with 2003

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Guest xmarkom2

i one month old typhoon with wm5

(FULL PACK - Qtek 8010-GERMANY , Made in Taiwan)

i dont know if the latest version of this phone have wm5 installed legally or this is some version....


battery is not so good as in number of reviews

*about 1.5 day (reviews say 3 to 5 days with newest ROM)

video is awfull

*about 3 frames per second (reviews say more then 10 frames per second)

ghost effect when taking pictures leads to this "must freeze your hands about 10 seconds"

slow , slow , slow and slow

*review do not mention bad camera at all.

whole system is very very slow

*take 2-3 seconds just to enter the main grid menu


system boot is incredibly fast

about 3-4 seconds

many OS advantages (alarm option, caller picture, grid menu,...)

other programs run faster

(for example> SmartMovie)

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