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Vista and media sync problem! and fix!

Guest bugeyes

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Guest bugeyes

gotta love the guys at M$!

ok heres the story just bought a new PC running vista home premium ok looks nice...... well i thought id sync the wizard to it, went very easily vista sets up a partnership with both the wiz and the sd card great i thought!

time to sync some music, this was easy too! maybe vista has the "WOW" factor after all! so i unpluged my wiz and off to work slip on my headphones and open windows media click on albums and get the message windows cannot access your media files (or somthing like this!) so i check theyre still there yep sure enough tcpmp can still see them!!!????

whats happening is this, when vista sync's with my sd card it changes the XMEMedialibrary file in the folder MSMETADATA on the sd great if you want to use it in vista absolutely useless if you want to use it in your wiz (this may apply to all wm5 ppc/smartphones?)

Luckily the solution is simple delete the msmetadata file using file manager on your ppc (havent managed to get vista to let me do this....YET!..) then take out the card, open windows media player on your wiz and install the card, win media will then detect it and create a new and working! XMEMedialibrary file and all works great........just dont use vista's windows media player to sync media file's over, havent tried it yet but i think a straight drag and drop into the sd card from vista should work fine of course you then have to update the library within win mob media player.

hope this helps peeps

cos it took ages to get my head around it!

(ok i'm a simpleton!) ;)

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