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Considering change from M3100

Guest KRC

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Hi all

I'm considering an early change from my Orange SPV M3100, which I upgraded to, from a Treo T650, I've never been entirely convinced this was a good move (except for the Windows OS). I miss the one handed operation of the Palm Treo device and the intuative nature of it and the keyboard. Just using the M3100 as a phone is not easy one handed, as the touch screen lacks the necessary feel and opening the keyboard is awkward for one handed use. Contact searching is a long winded process unless you use the stylus etc etc.

If I change to the Palm 750 will I get bck all the nice little functions that the T650 offered as well as the Windows OS.

Does the 750 require the numerous resets that the 650 used to

Have they improved the lead connections

Is the expansion card slot protected so it doesn't keep popping out like the one on the 650 did

I could go on, but I guess you get my drift.

I look forward to your responses



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Guest marksurry

The biggest reason I opted to change from a touch screen phone (SPV M600) to the Treo 750V was the fact it works so well as a phone. One hand operation is also so simple. I sometimes miss the wifi but to be honest I never used it that much to worry about it.

The 750V still has some nice Palm additions to the user interface, speed dials on the home screen is a nice touch and I've never used a phone with such good voice dialling, doesn't need training either.

In 2 months of owning my 750V it's needed reseting once but I was running a very memory intensive apllication (CAD).

It's too early to comment on quality of lead connections but I would imagine the charger connection could cause problems after a few months, it's very small and fiddly.

Memory expansion slot is now covered under a flap on the right side along with the reset button.

One point you should be made awear of is the screen resolution on the Windows version of the Treo. It's 240x240, I think the palm version of the treo was 320x320.

All in all I reconmend the Treo 750V. It's a very capable handset.

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