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RadioActive Homescreen with all utilities(nonQVGA)

Guest Moeen Mahboob

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Guest Moeen Mahboob

File Name: RadioActive Homescreen with all utilities(nonQVGA)

File Submitter: Moeen Mahboob

File Submitted: 15 Apr 2007

File Category: Abstract

Well as the title clearly says, this homescreen is as much anthusiasitic as it is,


- Complete control at homescreen, no need to toogle start menu or other things

- Provides complete control over organization

and i dunno the list ends ;)

Well when u download it, u'll surely love it,


- O2 plugin (included in the attachment)

- Resco Explorer installed in phone's IPSM(otherwise the shortcut will not work)

Currently this homescreen is worth applying flawlessly with smartphone 2003, 2003SE, WMsmartphone 5 and 6

If U find any difficulty or flaw, do let me know and i'll correct it :D

Click here to download this file

If someone make its colours compatible with background, please post xml here.......

in settings menu the background is balck and in error the color is wiered....

but the homescreen alone is best

Edited by Moeen Mahboob
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Guest pantechthemes

would this work with the pantech duo, i have had some trouble making themes for it beacause of the screen you know. its kind of hard to explain but its a dual slider so would this work when its landscape instead of protrait mode?

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