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Guest blankman373

File Name: Lakers

File Submitter: blankman373

File Submitted: 19 Apr 2007

File Category: QVGA Landscape ( Moto Q )

First attempt at a homescreen. I am a huge sports fan, but an even bigger Laker fan. I wanted to do a theme that was functional, yet showed my true colors, so to speak. So the theme has a lot of stuff on it, but you can still tell, it's a Lakers theme. Although the homescreen uses a jpg file, I have included the Fireworks .png file in case anybody wants to modify the background if the Lakers aren't there favorite team, but I can't think of anybody like that. :D

Remeber, this is my first attempt, so don't be too harsh.... ;)

Plugins required:

1) Facade

2) Smartmonitor

3) The 4orangeh.dll file registered from your privately owned Orange Smartphone. DO NOT CONTACT ME FOR THE 4orageh.dll AS IT IS LICENSED.

Install Instructions

1) Unzip contents to \Application Data\Home

2) Use Facade to set your home screen to Lakers.

Click here to download this file

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