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What's happened to Appforge?

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)

If you're a Windows Mobile developer, chances are you've heard of AppForge.

Appforge provided Crossfire, a very neat suite that plugs into Visual Studio, and allows you to develop in .net for a wealth of platforms, including Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian. The idea is great, but unfortunately the popularity of the platform has been limited primarily due to a very expensive per sale licencing model.

If you visit Appforge.com now however, you'll find the following statement:

Oracle and AppForge Oracle has acquired the intellectual property assets of AppForge, a company formerly based in Atlanta with a mobile application development and mobile applications platform. Oracle has also hired several former employees of AppForge. This intellectual property extends Oracle's mobile applications product strategy. Customers are increasingly using devices such as Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile 5, and BlackBerry, to conduct real-time communications and transactions while mobile, and now Oracle will be better able to address these requirements and develop mini-applications to help executives, sales teams and field service engineers be more productive. We continue to focus on mobile tools to offer our customers better insight, enable them to make better decisions, and help them achieve better results.

Please note that Oracle's acquisition of AppForge's intellectual property did not include the purchase of the company as a whole, or the purchase of other AppForge assets including its customer contracts. Accordingly, Oracle does not plan to sell or provide support for former AppForge products going forward.

Is Appforge as we know it dead? I hope not, as it is / was a great system... here's hoping an AppForge using MoDaCo reader might know more?



Edit: The plot thickens... and doesn't look good - AppForge details on Wikipedia - it seems even existing AppForge licencees can no longer deploy their applications!

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