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Is there an A2DP installation for the XDA Mini S?

Guest Elijah2104

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Guest Elijah2104

I'm sure this has been asked about a thousand times but, alas, I can't find the what I'm looking for. I've seen mentioned in various sites that there is a CAB file which will install A2DP compatibility on the wizard.

I'm looking to find this and install it on my XDA Mini S, I have ROM WWE.

  • Can you point me at a source to download this file? Preferably one that doesn't involve lots of manual registry editing.
  • Do you have any experience with it on the Mini S? Is it any good? Are there any problems?
  • Do you have any recommendations for headphones to go with it? Added to that, what about a car kit(May as well ask, while I'm here).

Any help on this would be really appreciated.

Oh and one more thing, the TCPMP site hasn't worked for a long time now, pity because I really like the software. Still, can anyone recommend another mp3 programme? I don't think much of windows media player because of the lack of EQ.

Thanks all

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Guest Disco Stu

You've got a bit of reading to do but this is the place to get A2DP working :


I've installed and used it on an iMate Jam (HTC Magician) and it's a bit buggy but useable.

Recommended headphones :

Motorola HT820s

Motorola S9s

- I've got the latter on order but have heard good reports

You might have a problem getting BT stereo to work with anything other than Windows Media Player but otherwise I would recommend the free Mortplayer :


Good luck :rolleyes:

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Guest freakkk

When I install the cab file from the above link, it gets installed but when I reboot, all sound from the phone turns off. The only way to get the sound back is to uninstall the A2DP installation. Someone else facing anything similar?

Has anyone got it to work with the Wizard? Please assist.

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