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Blackberry - changing providers

Guest steve_smith

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Guest steve_smith


Wondering if any Blackberry experts can help me?

A work colleague has recently relocated from the UK to Singapore, and took his Blackberry with him.

We run BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) in our UK office and he needs to keep receiving his emails via this server.

However, using a UK mobile provider's SIM when permanently in Singapore seemed a bit stupid (roaming rates!). So he has managed to get the phone unlocked, and bought a data enabled SIM card from a Singapore mobile provider.

We thought it would be a simple case of him putting the new SIM card in the phone, and configuring the GPRS APN information.

But it doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas what I can suggest next?

Is there somewhere else you have to configure GPRS settings when using corporate/BES blackberry? Or does it use something other than GPRS?

I know very little about Blackberry, so any hints would be much appreciated.



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Guest tetstb

The basic part of the puzzle is missing. Your access provider must provide access to the blackberry APN for their network and this usually means buying some kind of bundle.

Its not as simple as a GSM GPRS connection I'm afraid. You will need to speak to the airtime company where he intends to use the BB device and ask them to provide access on his sim. The alternative is BB APN roaming from your home network but this is usually very expensive.

Had the same problems myself ad there is no way round it.

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