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XDA Mini S - Please Advise

Guest anthonyv

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Guest anthonyv

Hey guys,

1st off i'd like to appologise in advance for the fact that this may be a question to which the answer is very obvious to many of you, with the experience you have, whilst my experience in this area is limited.

Any help/advice is much appreciated.

I have previously owned an Orange SPV, as well as an SPV C500, and in terms of flashing/upgrading the ROMs, never had a problem.

I now have an XDA mini S, (O2 branded) and whilst its running WM5, i find it a little slow, with a battery life thats not the greatest and a few minor bugs...

Having looked around, i came across several sites where the new WM6 ROMs were available, and looks wise are great, and feature wise/generally seem much better than WM5 and i'd love to upgrade, see how it goes and if worst comes to worst and i'm not happy, downgrade back to WM5 (though i doubt i'll need to).

The issues and current state of my xda are as follows and i'd be grateful if someone could advise me on them;

1. The sites i have visited with WM6 available seem to have so many versions that i don;t know whats a complete, working version, and what is a "Core rom for cooking"... I'm simply after WM6 to run on my XDA, stable.

2. Currently, under Device Information on my XDA i have the following:

I don't know if my XDA is CID Unlocked or ready for Flashing... i bought it second hand and have not made any changes to it besides the addition of applications... there is no blatent O2 branding besides the O2 boot screen, "O2 Theme" in today settings, and under programs, the O2 Active icon, O2 Email Setup Icon, O2 Hotspots Directory Icon and O2 Install Type Icon (which is currently set to "Basic".

In terms of what i'm asking;

1. I'd like to upgrade my device to WM6... Based on the info i've provided above, could you tell me if my device is CID unlocked and/or ready to do so?

2. If i am able to do so, would someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction or provide;

Firstly straight forward instructions (whereas forums/sites i've been on seem to have hundreds of different approaches based on ROM chosen, device state, etc)...

...And secondly a ROM that would be good to use?

3. If i'm going to upgrade, or take action that could result in the loss of data (SMS and Contacts mainly), is there a solution to backing these up?

i have backed up everything i need with the exception of my SMS folders and my contacts (though contacts are sync'd with outlook)...

Update: Found "PPCPimBackup.exe" for backing up

Once again, my appologies for asking questions that have been answered many times over, just that searching forums seems to bring up so many responses that where to begin i can't get my head around... a response based on *my* XDA info would be much appreciated.

As mentioned, i am pretty familliar with the general process of upgrading ROMs (not a complete newby), though my experiences with this have been with older phones - SPVs.

On a final note, for your info, my pc is running Windows Vista... apparantly there are issues with rom upgrades using Vista, as Activesync is no longer used?

Thanks for your time and support, much appreciated.

Anthony V.

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Guest xeno1

You don't need to apologize, because you won't find much reference to upgrading ROM's on this site do to the fact that unless the WM6 version that you want to upgrade to came from your carrier, then the version you would be installing would be an illegal copy. And, since there isn't an official version for the HTC wizard yet from any carrier... Also, you can mention XDA-Developers website as the place you can get all the different versions, everyone here knows that already.

I can give you a little help though with what you're wanting, everything that is but uploading a WM6 version on here for you. Ok, the first thing is whether or not the CID is locked. Since you still have WM5 on it that would almost be a definite yes that it's still CID locked. I'll upload a program for you on here that you can install to your computer though that can tell you for sure if it is or not. That's pretty much as far as I think I can go on here because of forum rules, but if you pm me I can help you through more of it. The biggest problem though is that I just noticed that you are running vista so you're kind of screwed with flashing anything because as far as I know vista can't communicate with your phone in bootloader mode which is essential to flashing. So, if you want to do any of this you might want to find you a computer running xp for a little while.

Here's the program that will tell you if you're CID unlocked or not. I don't know for sure if it works with vista or not, but you can try it out and see.


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