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Comm Manager from Touch for Eten

Guest iSP

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Hia all,

Recently I came across a "fixed" version of the new touch comm manager for the e-ten x500/m700.

It works like a charm, better than the wireless manager which I think sucks.

I tried it and indeed it works, but has a bit of a bug, you need to turn wlan on first in wireless manager for it to work till the next soft reset in comm manager.

Tried to review if it was a register setting, even tried another version of the comm center, but I can't resolve this bug myself.

That's why I'm posting it here, maybe someonehas the knowledge to take a look at it?

Anyways here's the link:


Let's hope it can be fixed so I can finally get rid of that wireless manager and have a proper good looking working comm manager.


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