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i300 camera sound

Guest ioan666

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plzzzz.... how to disable the camera shutter sound??

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz anyone????

Turn Off Camera Shutter Sound

The phone must be application unlocked to perform this.

  1. Create a new blank wav file to replace the default shutter sound. If you would like to make your own file, it can be done using any sound recorder software, such as Windows Sound Recorder. The wav file should be short (~.25 seconds long).
  2. In Windows, rename the blank.wav file to camera_shutter_1.snd, and save it to your Desktop.
  3. Open the Windows command prompt (Start | Run | cmd), type cd Desktop and enter attrib +r +a +s camera_shutter_1.snd. This will apply the correct permissions to camera_shutter_1.snd.
  4. Replace /Windows/camera_shutter_1.snd with the camera_shutter_1.snd by dragging the file over to your Blackjack using ActiveSync.
  5. Finally, go into the camera application and set the shutter sound to “Shutter 1”, and you’ll hear nothing next time you take a picture.
You can also turn off/replace the sounds for zoom in/out, increase/decrease brightness, and start/stop recording (camcorder). Use the same steps as above with the following files:

  • Zoom In - zoomin.snd
  • Zoom Out - zoomout.snd
  • Increase Brightness - bright.snd
  • Decrease Brightness - dark.snd
  • Start Recording - camcorder_start_musical01.snd
  • Stop Recording - camcorder_end_musical01.snd

Pay close attention to the attributes part, it took me a cpl tries to get it right.


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Guest ioan666

thank you for answer :)

the little problem was that the file is named: camera_shutter_1.mmf, but is the same ideea! :P

10x again ;)

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