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Samsung i320 charging information

Guest Tomchap

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Guest Tomchap

Hi there, i have owned many different smartphones and pocket pc windows mobile based phones since the days of the original SPV. Recently tho i thought id have a go at owning the cracking looking Samsung i320.

I brought it off ebay and the phone just came on its own with no charger or usb cable. I have a few questions on it:

  1. When the phone is on charge using the mains charger do any lights come on? What should be displayed in place of the battery icon? a mains charging icon?
  2. My battery appeared to charge up to about 20% but then refuses to go any further and then starts discharging? Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Is there a history of battery problems or phone problems? ive ordered a new battery so im hoping that will fix it. I dont get a charging icon appear on the phone at all and no charging led's come on either
  4. Now all my phone does is say recharge battery when i plug the charger in. Im thinking about getting a USB charger, anyone know the best place to get one as id prefer to get an original samsung one.
Thanks for your help.

Initial impressions are the phones the dogs private parts! Its a great size and soooo slim! Im looking forward to becoming a proud Samsung i320 user!


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Guest Tomchap

Well as i didnt get any of you replying, i took it onto myself to try a few things out. My friend had a cheap samsung phone with the same battery. Found out that the phone is faulty, it wont charge or sync at all. So its going back to the seller.

I like the samsung phone alot, its a great slim little phone.

Anyone know of any dedicated Samsung forum out there?????? (similar to the HTC devices on XDA Developers)

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Guest sebbes

From what I remember,

- In WindowsMobile the top bar should display a main icon

- On the cord itself, there's a triangle LED (which goes from red to green)

About other forums for Samsung, you can try on Expansys' forum...

But yes, a XDA-dev like forum is something I'll miss if I go with another brand too (still with my loving qtek8310 running WM6).

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Guest xyz2fast4u
sebbes - Thanks alot for the information, very helpful.

Yeah a dedicated forum for samsung windows mobile owners is whats needed.

hi...i have a i320n and i have sme issues...battery discharges quickly and if i put the phone in sleep mode, it doesn`t wake up...what`s wrong whith it?...oh, and how do i put it on boot mode...bootloader mode and which program do i use for reflash...? 10x

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