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SeekCover v1.0 - CD Cover Manager for Windows Mobile (Smartphone/PocketPC)

Guest edgecrush3r

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Guest edgecrush3r

File Name: SeekCover v1.0 - CD Cover Manager for Windows Mobile (Smartphone/PocketPC)

File Submitter: edgecrush3r

File Submitted: 9 Jul 2007

File Category: Utilities - Phone Management


SeekCover v1.0


As with all my tools, they get written by pure frustration :P

Last month I found out that using the Windows Media Player synchronize option, doesnt copy your cd cover artwork.

Since I couldnt find a nice integrated tool, which allows me to search CD Covers online, and manage my mobile device.... I rolled my own (again :) )

SeekCover is an CD Cover and Album Art Manager for your Windows Mobile Device (Smartphone/PocketPC).

With SeekCover you access your device remotely and copy CD Covers / Album Art to any folder on your device.

Using the 'Search Online' tab, you can find and copy artwork quickly to your device at ease.

Downloaded Album Art is automatically shown using Windows Media Player for Windows Mobile.

Enjoy !!!! ;)


Click here to download this file

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