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First draft additional info coming later today!

With the review topic getting to over 40 pages people are missing stuff. Here is a distillation of most of what has been covered. The information here is a collection of what is stated here and on other forums across the Interweb. As the phone has not been released information is based on pre-release units.

Many things could change by the time the production ROM is released.

Please try to keep "chat" out of this thread, so we can keep it short(ish)

1: When?

The people who know can't tell us yet! Pre-order dates range from Aug - September depending on where you look. The device hasn't actually been officially announced by HTC yet!

There are strong rumours circulating that Europe release will be announced before 10/8/07

1a: European availability

To be Updated

1b: US availability

To be Updated

2: What?

The claimed specs...

- Windows Mobile 6 Professional

- Qualcomm MSM7200 Chipset @ 400MHz

- 256MB ROM

- 128MB RAM

- 2.8" QVGA screen


- WiFi

- Bluetooth 2.0 EDR

- USB 2.0

- 3 Megapixel primary camera

- VGA secondary camera

- 1350mAh battery

- Thumbwheel

- ExtUSB

- microSD expansion

- Spring assisted QWERTY keyboard with tilt

HSDPA and is supported

Weight ~ 190g

3: Software.

Windows Mobile 6 Professional

The additional stuff will depend on the Operator supplying the phone.

- The homescreen UI from the Touch with a few new features, including an update weather engine with many more cities.

- A full version of Opera is in ROM.

- A 'Worldcard Mobile' business card OCR app is included

3b: Touch Software

- Kaiser will have normal screen, not hardened like the HTC Touch

- Kaiser will have TouchFlo UI elements, like press and slide to scroll etc, but not the fancy 'box' menus

Video of homescreen


3c: Software Compatibility

TomTom 6 works

CoolCamera doesn’t (currently) work

4: Hardware

- The microSD slot is reported as being SDHC compatible

- AD2p is supported

- Mini USB for sync / charging and audio out

5: GPS

There is some debate as to whether the GPS chipset is the Qualcomm or SIRF III

6: Camera

- Camera is auto-focus

- No flash but good low light performance

- GPS location tagging not supported

- Video upto 352x288

Sample Photos


999: Other

To be updated

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