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Card corruption problem with my Wing

Guest transportguy

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Guest transportguy

Anyone else with a problem with their SD card cetting corrupted? As in files and folders getting renamed to jibberish and symbols? Also creating files of 2-2000 gb in size? Not actual but it gets displayed as such.

I have found some things that are related but not sure whch is the main culprit.

  1. Vito Audionotes
  2. GPRS proxy email retrieval at set intervals (not manual)
  3. Mail Attachment storage to SD card
  4. IE cache saved to SD card
  5. Leaving programs (stored to SD or accessing SD) open as the phone goes into automatic hibernation (suspend) state.
I have returned my original Wing and trying a 2nd one with the same probs. Starting to get irritated. Edited by transportguy
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