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Fast 4GB Micro SDHC

Guest kapot

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I am sure that we would like to have the "best" accessories for our beloved HTC Kaiser.

So, what is the best 4GB Micro SDHC?

The best = The fastest and most reliable.

I found SanDisk 4GB is rated as Class 2 (2 MB/s) :


And Integral 4 GB is rated as Class 4 (4 MB/s) :


From Toshiba, Class 4 (4 MB/s and it said max read speed is 6 MB/s), it should be released on July 2007 already. But I cant find where to purchase it.


What is yours?

Does this classification work in real life situation? Because I am afraid that it works on a lab / test environment only.


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Guest RussellH

I've got a 4GB Micro SDHC in my Kaiser, which I use to store music. I've now run out of space, and was looking to get a card with more memory. From looking on the net, it seems that the Kaiser is not compatable with cards over 8GB. Does anyone know if this is really true, as I'd like to get the most memory I can! Thanks in advance for any replies.

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