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T-Mobile (NL) HSDPA

Guest kapot

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I am sorry for writing in english, my Dutch is not that good ;)

I live in the Netherlands and use T-Mobile, internet pocket totaal plus (192 Kbit/s, 19.95 euro per month).

What kind of icon do you get when you are using the HSDPA network? Is it "3G" or "H" ?

Because in the HTC Kaiser manual for example, it is written "H" icon for the HSDPA network and "3G" for the 3G network (UMTS?).

I never got "H" icon, always "3G" icon.

Is HSDPA available in certain area only?

Or is it because of my internet pocket totaal plus?

I tried Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and still no "H" icon.

Thanks for any hints :wub:



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Guest Thumper Net

As far as i know they dont have the faster hsdpa yet on t mobile nl only 3g utms , vodafone nl do have it and yes you will get the H icon instead of the 3G icon , a friend of mine works for t-mobile on the mast department and he tryed to show a demo of 3g working on a laptop but all he could get was gprs , very funny to see him calling his work complaining over the coverage . he has told me they are going to introduce it but when is the question ;)

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Thanks for the info,

If T-Mobile does not have HSDPA yet, it is really strange that they advertise "Internet Totaal Plus" (1.8 Mbit/sec for 69.50 euro per month) :


Because that speed can only be achieved by HSDPA.

Oh well, I got 3G anyway (and cant afford the 1.8 Mbit/s, te duur!) ...

From the http://www.dslreports.com/mspeed , I got 144 Kbit/s.

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Guest S710demon

There were allready some HSDPA points up in the NL. Saw a coverage map about a year ago. Allthough I never really got the HSDPA speeds myself. Maybe it is open to business customers only.

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