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Delete all contacts on 2125

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Guest modgnik
Is there a quick way to delete all contacts on my 2125? Tried to guess which file it is but I don't want to hose up with a wrong guess. Thanks.

You could hard reset.

Or save your contacts in Outlook to your desktop then delete them from Outlook. Connect your device to your pc and sync.

This should clear your device.

Then copy your contacts back from desktop to Outlook.

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Guest awarner (MVP)

There is a similar way in Outlook but saves copying to desktop,

In Outlook delete your contacts but do not close Outlook (very important) then sync your phone (presuming you have Activesync set for Outlook to have the main list) after syncing your phone's contact list should be blank.

Now remove the phone and in Outlook select Edit then Undo Delete and and your contacts will reapper in Outlook :wub:

Always make a backup of your contacts to be safe ;)

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