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Connection Problems, Please Help!

Guest sk806

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Just got my Kaiser, and used the network settings wizard to get AT&T settings loaded. However, for some reason, I can't retrieve email from pop accounts and PIE works, but drops its connection and reestablishes a new one every time I start using it. Anyone have any idea what this is all about? I searched this forum to no avail...if this has already been addressed, I apologize.

FYI - I have tried switching my AT&T data plan to PDA Connect (I have unlimited Blackberry right now so as to use Blackberry Connect) and this did not help.

Thanks for your help.

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Wow, thanks for all of the help (Just kidding ;) )

Anyway, I figured it out. For POP access, you need to select "MediaNet" as the network in the mail settings. Hopefully this will be useful to someone else.

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