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Switching Off and On

Guest Alkali

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Please, how do i download any tweek that will switch On and Off my device at a predetermined time.Say at night and switch On automatically in the morning?I have tried AUTOFLIGHT but does not work.

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It depends what you want to turn on and off?

When you press and hold the power button and get the dialogue asking you to confirm, that is a hard off. Everything is turned off, it's like turning your TV off using the big power switch at the front.

You can not get any application to turn on and off your device this way. This is like asking your remote control to turn on the TV when you have turned it off using the power button on the front. It's off it can't respond to anything expect you pushing the power button again.

Other than that you can get applications as you have found that will turn the mobile signal on or off using a time and the phone just sleeps in between, in what way is that not working for you?



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