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Continous reboots after I did a soft reset

Guest jklny

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Wow... my unit just started to act up. After a normal soft reset, my unit is now in a continous reboot loop. I have tried removing the MicroSD, perform a hard resets (holding soft keys and pin reset) and trying removal/reinstalling the battery. Nothing. Screen goes blank, short vibrates and shows 'Smart Mobility' and loops again.

Any ideas? I am out.

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Could the Soft Reset button (in the little hole) be stuck?

This turned out to be a defective unit... good thing it happened on the first week of ownership. Reseller agreed to replace the unit.

This, however, is unfortunate. I called up HTC and found that there's no warranty for US owners since they do not sell the units in US. Resellers are importing these from Europe. So, be very careful with your devices!

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