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SPB PocketPlus & Finance running on Kaiser ?

Guest Freecall

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Guest Freecall

Hello ,

I will get my Kaiser (hopefully) today . One quick question before I do the new install. At lot of people warn to install non WM6 software due to performance problems after , but two of my preferred apps are SPB pocket plus and SPB finance . The website says they are only for WM5 :-(

Anybody running them on the Kaiser or WM 6 devices ?

BTW ... one info about the pricing of Kaiser unbranded (as I am German living in Paris but wanting a english keyboard):

-Kaiser in Germany (HTC version ) : 655 Euro

-Kaiser in UK (HTC): 720 Euro

-Kaiser in France (HTC version) : 800 Euro !!!!

all without shipping cost !

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I'm using SPB Finance on my TTYN II.

Works fine, only problem is - unlike every other personal finance program I'm aware of - it's doesn't maintain a running balance of Reconciled transactions ...

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