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Alternative GPS with ability to create maps

Guest Shivadxb

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Guest Shivadxb

Those of us who didnt get Tom Tom included in the box or who are limited by map coverage are laregly knackered when it comes to getting maps/software etc.

I have found and installed this little app which is excellent. Its a two week trial but its so good i will definately be buying it.


Although it wont give you a road route in spoken instructions it does give you the ability to program a route and add waypoints etc with onscreen directions.

best of all is you can import and calibrate your own maps from any source, ie google maps, google earth, scanned maps, marine charts, etc.

Combined with this other app I now have a full map of the middle east down to pretty decent street level.




As an alternative to tom tom its perfectly fine and if you drive offroad, go sailing or any other "off road" activity then this is almost as good as having a garmin or proper dedicated GPS unit.

I am well chuffed I found this and will be doing a direct comparison to my Garmin next time I'm offroad, if its even half way decent then I'm ditching the garmin. All hail the mighty TyTn 2 !

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Looks quite good, I use Pocket Nav OS 5 for my offroading, as it uses the Ordinance Survey maps, so I can see where the greenlanes are ;) You can set waypoints and routes on that too.

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