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What is the F*** ROM Problem ???

Guest Y@nn

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Just got an email from a shop in switzerland where I ordered the Kaiser model German (QWERTZ), and it was said that it will be delivered today, but what a F*** surprise per mail today, there is a problem with the ROM, and there is an undefined delay, who knows more than that???

Seems that there is some bugs with the qwerty version, heared about soft reset when call arrive by the french (AZERTY) version, what is the main bug with the german?

Has any one already tried the german version?

Thanks for you comments

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sorry guys for the post, two collegues of mine, made me a stupid joke, sending an email with wrong contents, like you could read, the kaiser wouldnt be delivered in the german version.

But now I got confirmation, tomorrow it will be in my possession ;-) and I have two friends less....its a joke! Talking about the kaiser all the time make the people crazy, doesn't it happened around you?!

ahhhhhhhhhhh it could be a new topic, what a pleasure to play with the new toy...I will wrote tomorrow how are my feeling :-)

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Guest burrzoo

everything is fine!

Working like hell, just my subjective test, but starting tomtom inside the house, take 27 sec, unbelievable, and the rest is working like a charm...

so they are all very jealous now ahahahahahahhaha


[email protected]

Congratulations! Enjoy!

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