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Help me MoDaCo: Kaiser or iPhone or BB Curve or...

Guest ikaris

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...or nothing ?

I already have an HTC Wizard.

What I use my device for, in order of *importance*:

- My main phone (of course)

- Remote web surfing & BT DUN with my laptop

- Email

- Reading RSS feeds

- Jotting down notes

- GPS (currently with a Garmin Bluetooth GPS)

- Taking pictures for photo references / notes

- Listening to music

- Games (rarely)

When I bought the Wizard, I originally put a lot of weight into the Wifi, but I find myself not using it very often... plus, Skype doesn't run on it very well...

They BOTH have a nicer screen than the Kaiser... they both do everything the Kaiser does, except Skype and GPS (for the iPhone)

They're both MUCH cheaper than the Kaiser, especially if you consider that the iPhone can have 8GB built in, whereas I have to purchase a 6GB card for the Kaiser, at about $70...

I'm also concerned about the Kaiser's battery life, which Ive been told is not so good...

However, I really like my Wizard, and I wouldn't mind continuing with the same form factor.

So, what do you think ? Upgrade, stay with Wizard or change to another platform ?


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Guest chucky.egg

This is a Windows Mobile forum, so most replies are going to point you to the Kaiser, but for me...

The iPhone's a no-no because you can't add to it. It is all it will ever be.

The BB is a bit ugly and dull, but (from what I've heard, which isn't much) very reliable

The Kaiser is heavy - 32g (20%) more than your Wizard, although in our tests the battery has been good with 2 full days easily before you need to charge

I'd suggest looking at something like the Samsung I600 (it's what I have and I take every opportunity to rave about it).

- Works well as a phone

- Will connect to your lappy (I used to do this, but haven't for ages now)

- Email, yep!

- Built-in RSS feed reader, but you could always add your own

- Notes - I use MS Office for that, or sometimes a calendar appointment notes field. Smartphones (WM5 at least) don't seem to come with a Notes apps that syncs with Outlook.

- SatNav - I use Route66, which is OK, but has annoyed me recently

- Camera is average. 1.3MP

- Dunno, I have a Nano, but it has the WM media player. The headphone socket (proprietary, not 2.5mm)

- Games, yep

The one issue with the I600 is the relatively short battery life - I get a full day (6am to 11pm) without fail now, but with HEAVY use (such as media player) you should expect less.

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