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The best ROM from MPx220??? / La mejor ROM para el MPx220???

Guest tonycr

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After several months, searching some answers or at least some excuse to upgrade my MPx ROM up to 1.43, I'm still with same question since I bought my cel phone... There is another more estable, trusted and secure ROM than 1.43?

According to other forums on net, I found some ROM's, after 1.43, having troubles: software cold, bluetooth problems, even SMS issues; resetings, contacts and configuration lost, sincronizations, profiles problems, excesive bathery consumption, etc.

Only from one ROM I don't heard so many bugs (in comparison at least), and that's the 1.43; therefore, my question is still effective and I hope somebody here can help me... It's justified itself the risk of change my ROM?



Despues de varios meses de andar diambulando entre foro y foro, sigo con la misma duda que me plantie desde que me compre mi motorola MPx220... Existe alguna ROM mas estable, confiable y segura que la 1.43?

Segun he visto en varios foros, me he encontrado con que algunas ROM's, despues de la 1.43, todas dan algun tipo de problemas, desde problemas de colgado hasta problemas de conexion por bluetooth, incluyendo problemas para el envio de mesanjes de texto, reseteos inesperados, perdida de contactos y configuraciones, sincronizacion, problemas de los perfiles, consumo excesivo de la bateria, etc.

Del unico que no he oido quejas preocupantes (al menos en comparacion), es del 1.43, porque lo que mi duda sigue en pie y la planteo aca con la esperanza de que alguien me ayude... Vale la pena arriesgarme a actualizar el ROM de mi celular?

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Guest n2locarz

I know this is an older thread, but I recently purchased a MPX220. I have spent time with most of the roms and I think 3.46 is the best. Once you enable the english font and customise it, it's great. Great reception, battery life. It's easy to see with the default font. My biggest complaint is not being able to turn down the volume. I'm sure it can be done, just not sure how. It's very loud. Read Omega2008's blog on how to customize it:


Here's another great tutorial:


When it comes to the MPX200 Registry, use Mobile Registry Editor. It runs on your PC while your phone is synced. Much easier.

Here is a link:


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