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Power button problems

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Guest Qtek8300user
The power button on my phone doesn't work anymore. Is it possible to turn the phone on any other way - ie a combination of keys etc?

I had the same problem with my QTEK 8300 early last year. Had to pull the battery to turn it off. I sent it in for warranty repair. They fixed it and updated the ROM to the latest version. I haven't had a problem with it since. Sorry, I don't know of an alternate way to power down the phone.

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Guest 1caspian

Well, part of my problem is that I have opened the phone, an thus the warranty is void. I think that I destroyed the power button when I opened it... ;)

Is there no way of turning on the phone again without usig the power button?

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Guest greenturtle

Yes there is!

I have this with my C600!

If the micro-switch has completely been removed from the circuitry like you can see from the image below you can simply create a circuit with a pair of scissors like I am demonstrating with my C600. (apologies for the second rubbish picture, I didn't have Macro mode on!)


Alternatively, you could use a Command Prompt program called mtty and a ResetDevice command.


1) Disable the USB connections temporarily by using the Connection Settings panel from within Active Sync.

2) Turn the phone off.

3) Take a mini-usb cable and whilst holding the Camera button on the device insert the usb.

4) You should now be in a multicoloured screen called the bootloader.

5) Run mtty.exe and select USB

6) Hit enter once to bring up the Command Prompt.

7) Type in ResetDevice and hit enter.

8) Now watch your phone Turn itself on all by itself! Magic eh ;)

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