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Vario III Camera performance

Guest chilledatthebottom

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Guest chilledatthebottom

Well, gotta be said, the camera application on the Vario III is absolutely 100% rubbish. Extremely disappointed with it...

My gripes include:

1. Shocking refresh rate in low light conditions, far far too slow

2. No LED/Xenon flash (major balls up methinks on HTC's behalf)

3. Jog wheel should zoom, not change mode

4. Excessive focus hunting

5. MAJOR delay between acquiring focus lock, pressing the 'shutter release' fully down, and the camera actually taking the photo.

The only bonus I can think of at the moment is the ability to turn those bloody annoying focussing and shutter sounds off.

HTC have *got* to get these points above sorted in their forthcoming firmware update - whenever that's likely to happen.

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Guest ginnermark

I did notice last night that images with bright areas suffer from terrible fogging.

Out of curiousity, I removed the back of the phone and it fixed it - so it seems that that little bit of protective plastic is causing this. Can anyone else see if this is just my phone?

But yes, the camera seems to be the weakest part of the package.

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Guest LaSepultura

Same with the HTC TyTn II. It doesn't like low light or artificial light. I tried to take a picture of my friend in the concession stand area of a movie theater. Plenty of florescent lighting. I had to take two shots because I moved my hand slightly and it blurred. I also took a video and he was horribly blurred. Taking the back cover off didn't help me.

I am very dissapointed with the camera also. I was going to get the Nokia E90, but went with the TyTNII thinking the camera would be on par.

I'd pay like $200 for CoolCamera to work.

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Guest Nick Le Lievre
If you press the center button once it will auto focus and snap the picture. This seems to work better than holding down the camera button half way, waiting for the autofocus, than fully pressing the button to take the picture.

At first I thought the camera was bad but I`m warming to it... these example shots I took don't look too bad actually.




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