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Vario III - Getting as upgrade on W'n'W Pro

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Been a while since I last posted ;)

Time has come to upgrade my MDA Compact - It's been a tough little beastie, but is a bit war-torn (largely through being dropped several times onto concrete pavements while I've been running for the train!

Anyhow, I'm on T-mobile's Web'n'Walk pro tariff (the one they introduced last may with a 3G data card) for £20 per-month. I phoned them Friday to ask about upgrading to a Vario III (so I'd be using it as a data device only). They offered it for £190 which seems reasonable for the low monthly spend and will be a huge upgrade over my current 'modem' (a '3' Nokia 7600 of 2004 vintage) - I couldn't use the PC card that came with the W'n'W service as it was a PC Card and my latest laptop only has an ExpressCard slot.

Just wondering though... does it come with a case in the box (the Compact came with one, not the best in the world but serviceable)? If not, anyone got recommendations for a good one that you can put on your belt?

Many thanks.

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Thanks Phil, that's good to know. The compact's case did well for most of it's life, but was eventually the reason the compact took a few tumbles (the case was just worn out)... Will probably be quite happy with the default for now and move on to something else further down the line.

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