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T-Mobile price reduction?

Guest RickDawson

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Guest RickDawson

I have been keeping a check on the price of the Kaiser on the T-mobile site.

It appears they have done a price reduction sometime last Saturday:

When it was first on the site, the price for it was £199.99

Now when I look (after visiting the T-Mobile store), it has come down to £169.99

Both on the same price plan:

Flext20 + Web'n'Walk inc £5 off line rental offer £22.50 per month. (18 months)

I went to the local T-Mobile store on saturday, and asked about the kaiser, and he said it's the same deal as online

I asked about how to change from PAYG (T-mob) to a Pay Monthly contract (T-mob).

The didn't know how to change if I bought online, but said they could do it in the store.

also I am supposed to keep the same sim when changing.

The thing was, they had apparently sold the last one before I was there.

They said to keep going in an checking if they have any in. (which means a lot of exercise for me ;) )

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