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Qtek 8310 Mainboard question

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Guest hpoonawa

So I got a brand new Qtek 8310 phone a month ago. With my luck, it got stolen but I managed to have it returned to me (Long story).

When I got it back, the person who stole my phone tried to charge it without the proper charger and somehow short circuited the phone or something. When I had it looked at by a phone tech in the area, he said the leads that connect the charger to the mainboard are all rusted out and have come off. He said I would have to get a new or used mainboard for the phone and it would be fine.

Does anyone know what I should do about this?

Where can I get a new or used mainboard for the qtek 8310 or Imate SP-5 or any of the sister phones?

How much would that cost me?

Or is there a way I can get the phone working without replacing the complete board? Only the part which connects the charger lead to the mainboard allowing the phone to charge is messed up.

The battery does not power up the phone either....but I think thats because the battery is completely drained out.

Also, I dont know if this helps, but after a few days, I tried charging the phone again and the charge light on the phone came on and then faded off slowly after a second. And then nothing.

Any help would be appreciated!



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