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SPV C500 pairing with GPS NAVIBE GB735

Guest veiovis

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Guest veiovis

Hi all,

I'm a SPV C500 owner. Yesterday I bought Bluetooth GPS NAVIBE GB735. Before it I was digging through the internet to collect information about best BT GPS for my smartphone. Navibe GB735 with SirfStar III chipset is most popular BT GPS and everywhere are placed information that it is compatible with SPV C500. So I decided to buy it. Unfortunately I had have problems with pairing those two devices. I also tried to find specific information about it on this forum but didn't find true answer for my question.

Ok, what I have and what I done?

Smartphone: SPV C500 (Orange) with: Windows Mobile 2003 SE (Ver.: 4.21.1088 (Build 15045.2.6.0) - British Version

GPS: GPS Bluetooth NAVIBE GB735

What I set in smartphone:

1. Beam - Receive incoming beams [ set ON]

2. Bluetooth Setting:

- Beam Autenthication: (Passkey) required [ set OFF]

- ActiveSync setup: Choose checkbox to setup [set OFF]

What I tried:

1. Bluetooth set as Discoverable

2. Devices --> New (Phone found BT GPS V10) --> Select --> Enter Passkey (I put 0000) and Done --> Display Name ( BT GPS V10) Done .....

....and finally I got "Your Smartphone has connected with BT GPS V10) -> OK

But unfortunately the blue diode on GPS was still blinking. So I tried to set COM Ports.

I set Incoming Port (COM6) and Outgoing Port BT GPS V10 (COM7) - but blue diode is still blinking. It's look like GPS doesn't see my Smartphone. I have no idea what I should do or try to estabilish connection between those two devices.

Anybody can help me?

I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards, veiovis

EDIT: I know that on this forum are a plenty of C500 users. No one had similar problem (maybe with other blutetooth devices) like me? Maybe I should upgrade my moblie system? Any advices please?

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Guest Antanico


Start 4 4 8 1 ON DONE

2 Remove Tick from Authentication (passkey) required and Tick Choose checkbox to setup DONE


Menu -1 Devices -Menu -1 New and scansion of your Device is done (NAVIBE GB735 or BT GPS V10) - Insert passcode "0000" if requested.

Remove what you have under the PORT COMs (used only for PC)

Than is it then launch your TT5.2 and enjoy the navigation!!!

It works perfectly and I use it in the UK France and Italy.

Remember to switch on the GPS BT before as a cold start would require up to 40 sec to pick the signal from satellite.

It is perfectly normal that the blue light flashes.

Kindest Regards,


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