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Orange SPV keyboard

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Guest stevewright

I've just moved house and found I've still got my original SPV keyboard (won in one of the original MoDaCo meet ups in Birmingham!)

I'm using my M600 now, and whilst I'm keeping the SPV itself to one day appear on Antiques Roadshow and make me a few bob, the keyboard is taking up space.

I was going to put in eBay, but thought I'd post here first to see if anyone would be interested?


EDIT: Am willing to give it away to anyone who will pay P&P!

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Guest stevewright
Is it still available? how much P&P?

This is a bit odd - I'm moving house again (got a baby now and need more space!) but never received an email notification of your reply, and have been too busy to catch up on MoDaCo (got a baby now and have no spare time!)

I still have it - any offer acepted, although I reckon £2.50 should comfortably cover the postage.

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