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Elixir Blackjack MotoQ Skin

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File Name: Elixir Blackjack MotoQ Skin

File Submitter: shillo

File Submitted: 5 Oct 2007

File Category: QVGA Landscape ( Moto Q )

This is a theme for Samsung Blackjack, Motorola Q and any other 320*240 cellphones.

There are 3versions. They work on Windows Mobile 5 and should work for Windows Mobile 6 as well but I did not try on that. To install it unzip the files and copy all of them to your phone's Application Data>Home directory. Then browse to your theme changing screen and change it to Elixir.

Hope you like these.

There are 2 more of this--

Meizu Skin: http://shillocjbnet.deviantart.com/art/Eli...u-Skin-66466535

Wallpaper: http://shillocjbnet.deviantart.com/art/Eli...lpaper-66540267

Click here to download this file

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Guest Zevchan

Everything works alright, except there's a mysterious white bar under the bottom row of files that has nothing to do with the background image choice. It's a bit annoying and ugly.

Also, any chance of getting a color style to match? the "Black" sceme is black and orange is looks hideous, but pales in comparison to "Guava Bubbles" and "Default" which threaten to make my eyes bleed...

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